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When Building a Home or Business, take steps to protect your investment by scheduling Quality Control Inspections along the way to insure that the work completed is up to code. By scheduling these Phase Inspections, you may avoid costly repairs later while having the peace of mind that your structure is being built with the highest standards in mind.

What Are Quality Control Inspections?

Also known as Phase Inspections, Quality Control (QC) Inspections are periodic reviews of a building under construction to ensure each phase of construction is being completed according the the agreed upon terms.  Under Texas state law, three (3) different phases of construction MUST undergo Quality Control Inspections:

  1. Pre-Pour Phase – This is completed before the foundation is poured to check the underground utilities, placement, and health.
  2. Framing Phase – This phase is completed after the framing has taken place to ensure primarily that the building matches the plans among many other points of interest.
  3. Final Inspection – The final inspection is a very thorough 2-3 hour inspection covering all major components of the house. A final inspection tells if all items are properly completed and whether the details of workmanship have been completed in a satisfactory manner.  This inspection is made once the contractor has totally completed the house, but ideally before final payment is made.

Cotton and Company QC Inspections include the following:

  1. Periodic inspections of the house to determine if construction quality meets accepted standards. The agreed specifications is your first line of defense. Scheduling of the inspections to coincide with the payment draw schedule provides a timely means of benchmarking progress.
  2. Photos of construction progress to illustrate problems or conditions noted in written reports are provided. Written reports include a synopsis of construction progress along with recommended corrections to the property. Reports are sent to our clients and their builder on the day of the inspection.
  3. Our inspectors communicate directly with the builder with the goal of helping him produce the highest quality product.
  4. A final inspection to insure all items are properly completed and all details of workmanship are finished in a satisfactory manner summarizes your project. This inspection is made once the contractor has totally completed the house, but ideally before final payment is made. This is a white glove inspection covering all major components in the house and generally takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. A detailed written report will be provided, complete with photographs.
  5. A complete set of plans, building specifications and a rough construction schedule will be needed prior to commencement of inspections. Please, notify our office at least one week prior to your anticipated construction starting date so we can schedule our inspector.