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Len Durante

Professional Real Estate Inspector
TREC License #8891

Len has an extensive background in residential and multi-family construction. His career spans more than a decade in production and custom home production.

  • • Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)
  • • Member of Houston Area Realtors (HAR)
  • Point Three

Len’s interest in building and construction began at a very early age – high school. Summer vacations during high school and college were spent working for various companies where Len learned many facets of construction, from drawing blueprints, actual construction from ground to finish, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Each summer he sought employment from different craftsmen – heating/air conditioning technicians, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and insulators, to name a few – just so he could expand his knowledge of construction. After attaining his Bachelor’s Degree, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, Len worked as a probation officer in New York City. Although this was a challenging profession, Len realized his true desire was to pursue construction. He founded Durante Brothers Construction Company in New York State, a company that very successfully focused upon major home remodeling. Construction in New York demands the highest of standards due to very strict building codes, and it was this high standard that Len brought to his construction here in Texas. Because Len never compromises on quality and doing the job perfectly, Len became employed with Weekley Homes upon arriving in Houston. He wanted to be trained as to Texas building codes. His expertise was immediately recognized by Weekley Homes as Len was promoted from customer service technician to superintendent to lead superintendent to project manager in one and one half years. He surpassed all building records for Weekly Homes, and was jokingly given a plaque for his desk with his name on it and position “To Be Announced” as he was being so quickly promoted. Len subsequently resigned from Weekley Homes to begin his own company, TecCon Commercial Builders. Len remodeled as well as built custom homes in West University, Meyerland, and River Oaks. His clientele included some of the most successful businessmen in Houston. One of Len’s accomplishments included resurrecting a Galveston historical landmark, The Menard House, to original condition. This home was not only commended by the Texas Historical Foundation but The National Historical Foundation as well. This was a monumental accomplishment that included Len’s contribution to the project being recognized in a feature article that year in Southern Living Magazine. TecCon became a multi-million dollar corporation without ever having advertised. Every remodel, every custom home built by TecCon came from referrals from satisfied clients, and architects and engineers that recognized Len’s talent. His presence was sought on projects ranging from New York to California which were residential, commercial, and industrial in nature. Recently Len received a phone call from a previous client, selling their home that Len had built due to a job transfer. They called to compliment Len because their home had sold and had passed inspection so well that the home inspector wanted to know who had built it, as it was the best built home he had ever inspected. Home inspection is now Len’s interest. Because of his ability to build a superior home, he is able to bring his expertise, 35 years of building knowledge, and customer satisfaction skills to the realm of property inspections. He is able to lower the stress and uncertainty of home purchasing with his detailed yet concise inspection reports that include visual examples of problems or potential problems, thus eliminating any unforeseen difficulties with the home in the future.

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