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Jim LaRue

Professional Real Estate Inspector
TREC License #8663

Jim has an extensive background in residential and multi-family construction. His carrer spans more than a decade in production and custom home production.

  • Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) as a Professional Real Estate Inspector – the most experienced level.
  • Member of Houston Area Realtors (HAR)
  • Board Certified Master Inspector

Jim LaRue worked as a builder in the Houston area for many years prior to becoming a property inspector. He built over 300+ homes ranging from track homes to custom estate homes. He worked for several builders throughout the Houston area including Morrison Homes in both building and Quality Control fashions. As a builder, his forte was to problem-solve what appeared to be unsolvable dilemmas in the field. His managers recognized that Jim had a knack for seeing beyond the predicament at hand, resolving the issues, and quickly setting everyone back on course again. He became a valuable asset in the industry evaluating properties with an inquisitive eye. Once Jim began doing Quality Control work for Morrison Homes, he realized that he wanted to evaluate properties full-time on a grander scale, and decided to become a licensed property inspector. Jim is not only a licensed professional TREC inspector, but a Certified Master Inspector in the State of Texas. He is considered one of the finest inspectors who conducts Phase Inspections for new construction builders across the city and counties. He “knows” how a home is put together from ground-up because of his personal experience in the industry. He works well with fellow builders and his knowledge speaks volumes when they face challenges in the field. Jim believes that his role is to help builders build a better product so that the industry has fewer customer service problems after closing because they took the time to address potential problems during the construction process (not after). It’s the idea of “preventive medicine” for builders. Jim also works well with clients who are buying or selling homes as well as their Realtors. He is very practical and matter-of-fact, and takes time with each of his clients to clearly explain the results of the inspection. He uses detailed, digital photography and simple, bullet commentary to help illustrate the results of his inspection. He intends for the report to be easily understood. Jim understands that the purchase of one’s home is the largest investment that most people make in their lifetime, and it can also be an emotional time as well. Jim believes that his role is to help buyers understand the home that they are purchasing without being apprehensive of that purchase. He is there to answer the clients’ and Realtors’ questions, even long after the inspection is complete.

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