Cotton and Company
2226 Bauer Drive
Houston, TX 77080
Phone: (281) 831-0063


Cotton and Company can offer you peace of mind knowing that our inspectors have a combined

75 years of building experience.


In 2003, Cotton and Company was born.  After an early retirement, Galen Cotton needed something to engage his intellect and provide him with an escape from the confines of his own walls.  With an extensive background in construction, Cotton took an opportunity to thoroughly research the inspection process, to take classes, and to become certified as a building inspector.

In 2006, Jim LaRue joined the company followed by Lenny Durante in 2008.  Cotton and Company continues to make solid connections with Relocation Companies, Builders and Realtors as well as Buyers and Sellers.


Cotton and Company currently serve the Houston Metropolitan Area, including Harris, Brazoria, Montgomery, Ft. Benn, and Waller counties.