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Disclaimers and Limitations Notice to Clients

What we do

1. The inspection report provided by Cotton & Co will contain the good faith opinions of the inspector regarding the observable need of any repairs, replacements, or further evaluation by specialists of the items inspected. The report will not include and should not be interpreted to indicate any opinion regarding compliance with codes, ordinances, statues, or restrictions; nor the insurability, efficiency, durability, life expectancy and future performance of any particular item inspected.

2. The purpose of our reports is to inform our clients whether or not the items inspected are are functioning as intended, or is in need of repair or further evaluation.

3. We perform our inspection/evaluations from physical observation only. In other words we can only inspect and report on those items and defects that are observable by ordinary senses without dismantling portions of the property or appurtenances, or removal of any items (such as clothing or furniture) to facilitate inspection.

4. If you have any questions about our report, we will be happy to explain our observations.

What we do not do

1. We do not make guarantees, nor offer warranties or representations, insure future performance or the condition of any item.

2. We will not make observations of any item that is not physically visible during the course of an inspection. For example, we do not move furniture, rugs, clothing, paintings or wall furnishing, appliances or other furnishings. We do not uncover buried pipes or electrical distribution circuits. We cannot see or make observations regarding items covered by wall coverings, furniture, flooring, or enclosed wall spaces. Past repairs/remodeling may hide evidence of prior damages or defects.

3. We do not inspect for compliance with building codes, soil analysis, adequacy of design, capacity, termite infestation including but not limited to potentially toxic strains of mold (including stachybotrys, aspergillus, and penicillium). We do not check for fungi or spores, including but not limited to, any substance, vapor, or gas produced by or arising out of any fungi or spores or any material, product, building component, building, or structure that contains, harbors, nurtures, or acts as a medium for any fungi or spores. Fungi include, but are not limited to, any reproductive body produced by or arising out of any fungi. We also do not check for HVAC efficiency and size, property value, flood plain location, pollution, environmental issues such as lead paint , asbestos, etc., or habitability.

4. Out inspectors are not allowed to change or alter these written provisions in any way.

5. We do not hold ourselves out to be specialists or professional engineers for any particular items or systems. We are a general quality assurance and real estate inspection firm. If we report any item as nonfunctional or in need of repair, you are urged to acquire a second opinion from a specialist for the item(s) cited. We do not perform repairs or provide binding estimates of costs to repair any item.