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Client and Agent Reviews

I have been using Cotton & Company Inspections for many years and I have been extremely pleased with the services that they provide. Jim and Galen have always been quick to answer our calls and get us on the schedule. They are most accommodating to our clients. They are excellent in working with new buyers and give them lots of information without making them fearful of their upcoming purchase.
I really appreciate the time and care that they give each client. They sit down with them at the end of the inspection and go through the photos and all areas of the property in detail and ask for questions. They will also freely give their phone numbers for them to call with questions they may have later and even after they close.

Jane Caldwell (add hyperlink: & Kim Mullen (add hyperlink:
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I have worked with Jim at Cotton & Co for the past 5 years. No matter when I call or what I call with, Jim is always prompt to answer my calls and help out in any way he can. His knowledge about real estate is vast and if he doesn’t know the answer, I can count on him to seek it out and find it for me. I consider our partnership valuable. When I purchased my own home for the first time, he was the one I trusted to inspect it for me. Even after the inspection, we followed up with him concerning the grade of our house, and he graciously came back out and took his personal time to write a letter to our builder with his concerns. Jim always goes above and beyond!

Stephanie Kyles
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Cotton & Co is one of the inspection companies that I have listed on my inspection lists. Many of the homes that my customers have purchased have used their services over the last several years. In fact, some of my Sellers have hired this firm to inspect their property prior to placing it on the market. First and foremost, this company always seems to be on the cutting edge of what is next to come in the “inspection industry.” Most of all, I appreciate their honesty and integrity. In fact, the last home that I purchased over six years ago, I hired Cotton & Co to perform the inspection. I would hire them again if I were to purchase another home for myself.

Judy Bruner (add hyperlink:
Broker, CRS,SRES
Re/Max Memorial Town & Country
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The inspectors at Cotton & Co do a great job and I’ve used them for many years. I like that they use digital photography to show the items that need to be addressed and explain their findings in easy to understand terms. Once the inspection is complete, they go through the photos with my clients and take the time to answer their questions and concerns. They tend to diffuse apprehensive and nervous clients by taking the time with them they so often need after the inspection is complete. I feel my clients get a better picture of what they are buying after an inspection from Cotton & Co. From my prospective as a Realtor, it seems to make my task of communicating between a buyer and a seller easier as the report “shows” what the items of concern are.

One thing that I never thought much about was Cotton & Co takes identification photos of the A/C and hot water heater identification tags during their inspections. My buyer had an incident in which he closed on his home that he had purchased from an investor, only to discover that the hot water heater did not work after closing. When we went into the garage, the hot water heater looked “old,” and not right for a home that had been completely redone. We were able to go back to the Cotton & Co inspection report and prove that someone had switched out the hot water heater prior to closing. Thank goodness Cotton & Co took the time to take those reference photos.

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